Christmas is coming – english

Christmas is coming

Inge-Lore  08.07.2022


This tutorial was created entirely from my imagination,
Any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental and not intentional.
The copyright is solely mine, Inge-Lore.
It is not allowed to copy my tutorial and offer it on other sites for download.
I have my material from various tube groups.
The copyright of the material lies solely with the respective artist.
If I have violated a copyright, please send me an email.
I thank all Tubers for the beautiful material,
without which such beautiful pictures would not exist.
I made the tutorial with PSP 2020,
but it should also be possible to be made with all other variants of PSP as well.

AAA Frames–Foto Frame

Material  or  HERE
you still need
3 Background Images
Deco Tubes
Person Tube
mine is from Alexandra Vanhek and you can get them HERE


Foreword !!
If something is reduced in size, then always make sure the checkmark
for *All layers adjusted* isn’t placed, otherwise I’ll mention,
if everything needs to be adjusted in size.


Point 1
Pick a light and dark color from your tubes.
Open a new sheet 950 x 650px – fill with the dark color
new layer – fill with the light color
Levels – mask level from image *mask100©ILR*
Edge Effects–Enhance
merge group



Point 2
Click in the left frame with the magic wand
new leyer – move down
copy your first background image–paste into selection
sharpen-new layer
Effects–3D Effects–Cutout
Deselect – go to Group – Raster 2



Point 3
Use your magic wand to click in the middle frame
copy your second background image
go to Raster 2
paste into selection–sharpen
go to Raster 3-–repeat Cutout
Deselect – go back to Group – Raster 2
repeat this point with the 3rd frame as well



Point 4
Go to the top level
copy-paste your person tube onto your image
Drop Shadow 0/0/100/50
copy your Decotube/n-paste onto your picture
Drop Shadow 0/0/80/30



Point 5
Go to the lowest level
new layer–select all
copy–paste your background tube into the selection
take the opacity down to about 25 – 30%
Image–canvas size
new layer – move down – fill with the light color
Plugins–AAA Frames –Foto Frame
go to the top level–install the font
write *Cristmas is coming* on your picture with your light color
convert to raster layer
Drop Shadow 2/2/100/10
put your WZ and the copyright on the picture



Point 6 Animation
Make the bottom 4 levels invisible
you are at the top level–merge visibly
make invisible–-make the lowest layers visible again
summarize visibly–copy
open your animation shop – paste as new animation
get *neigegina* in the Anishop – she has 8 frames



Point 7
Duplicate your picture as often as you need until you have 8 single pictures
slide the slider to the left
Edit – select all
activate the snow animation – the slider is on the left
Edit – select all
now carefully pull the snowani onto the left frame
only let go when it is properly seated



Point 8
Now go to the top of the snowani on the back arrow
then gently pull it onto the middle frame
repeat this for the right frame as well
go back to the psp – make the bottom layer invisible
go to the top layer-make visible-copy
back to the Anishop – paste as a new animation



Point 9
Duplicate the picture again until you have 8 single pictures
move the slider to the left again
Edit – select all
now drag the picture onto your background image and only let go,
if it’s right here
now look at your animation and save it as a gif.