Happy Birthday Sim PSP

Happy Birthday Sim PSP

Inge-Lore 30.06.2022


This tutorial was created entirely from my imagination,
Any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental and not intentional.
The copyright is solely mine, Inge-Lore.
It is not allowed to copy my tutorial and offer it on other sites for download.
I have my material from various tube groups.
The copyright of the material lies solely with the respective artist.
If I have violated a copyright, please send me an email.
I thank all Tubers for the beautiful material,
without which such beautiful pictures would not exist.
I made the tutorial with PSP 2020,
but it should also be possible to be made with all other variants of PSP as well.


My tutorials are tested here





Material or HERE

you still need
2 wallpapers
one person tube
mine is from Maria Fiodorova and you can get it HERE


Foreword !!

If something is reduced in size, then always make sure the checkmark for *All layers adjusted* isn’t placed, otherwise I’ll mention, if everything needs to be adjusted in size.

************************************************** *





Point 1
Pick a light and dark color from your tubes.
Open a new image 1000 x 600 Px – fill with the dark color
new layer – fill with the light color
Levels – mask level from image *mask27©ILR*
Edge Effects-Enhance
merge–-merge group

Edge Effects-Enhance
merge–merge group


Point 2
Custom selection
new layer – move down
copy one of your background images–-paste into selection
Image–Mirror–Mirror horizontal
Pick Tool K– X 660 – Y 178
merge down
Custom selection

new layer–copy your second background image
insert into selection–deselect

Point 3
Go to Raster 1–select all
activate one of your wallpapers
create a Mistedtube from it with the mask 20-20
merge–merge group
copy–paste into selection
Adjust–Blur–Gaussian Blur with 25

Point 4
Image–Resize level to 120%
Image–Crop to selection
Texture Effects–Weave
go to Group – Raster 2
draw a selection on all three cutouts
new layer
Effects–3D Effects–Cutout

Select none

Point 5
Add Borders–2 Px light color
Add Borders–5 Px dark color
Add Borders–2 Px light color
select all–copy
Add Borders–50 Px light color

Point 6
Invert Selection–Paste into Selection
Image–Mirror–Mirror horizontal
Invert Selection
Drop Shadow 0/0/100/50
Copy your people tube–paste into your image
Repeat Drop Shadow

Point 7
Copy the text *happy birthday*–paste into your image
Pick Tool K– X 58 – Y 52
copy the text *psp-sim*–paste to your picture
Pick Tool K– X 410 – Y 139
(or write your own text)
put your WZ and the copyright on the picture
Merge–Merge all and save as jpg.